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RCI completes purchase of Location for Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse and Casino in Colorado

Texas-based RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc., owner of various strip clubs, nightclubs, sports bars and restaurants, publicly announced on Wednesday, December 7, that it has completed the purchase of a building at 130 Main Street in Central City, Colorado, aka “the four-story, 30.000 square-foot building in the heart of the downtown gaming district in historic Central City, CO, one of only three cities in the state where casino gambling is legal,” for its new, planned restaurant & casino, Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino.

The company purchased the site for 2.4 million US dollars in cash.

Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino layout:

The building for Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse & Casino is 30.000 square f…

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