For months now, there has been talk of a stadium being built in Las Vegas, Nevada, which would bring a new crowd to Sin City. Money could be made in many areas from casino gaming to hotel stays, dining, entertainment and more as individuals travel to enjoy events at the stadium. Just weeks ago, officials of Las Vegas along with lawmakers in Nevada approved a plan that would see the $1.9 billion stadium funded in part with $750 million in public money.

Oakland not ready to let Raiders move to Las Vegas

Along with the talks of the stadium, it has been thought that the Oakland Raiders would make the move to Las Vegas. This would mark the first time an NFL team would be located in the area. The team would need permission by the owners of the NFL to make the move and discussions on the topic are supposed to take place at the first of the year. Now it seems that the city of Oakland is not ready to see the Raiders leave.

According to a report via Bloomberg, the mayor of Oakland is trying to keep the Raiders in the city, considering a proposal for a new stadium for the team. The current stadium, known as the Oakland Coliseum, first opened back in 1966 and has 56,000 seats, which is around 10,000 less than the proposed domed stadium that would be built in Las Vegas.

A proposal in Oakland could hurt the chances of a stadium being built in Las Vegas, especially if no other NFL team is interested in moving to the area. An NFL team in Sin City has been estimated to bring 800,000 more visitors to the area and create as much as $620 million in annual revenues. Along with the public contribution, the stadium would be developed by the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders, is supposedly still committed to coming to Las Vegas and should be filing relocation paperwork this January. At the same time, the Alameda County Board and the Oakland City Council are reviewing plans to negotiate a new stadium for the team.

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